David Motisi

Professional Experience:

2008 – Quinnipiac University - Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. 

2012 – Monmouth University – MBA with Healthcare Management Concentration.  Currently Director of Operations at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy. 

6+ years of CrossFit coaching experience. 

2018 – CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

Athletic Background:

Baseball, football, rugby. 


Married to the beautiful and strong Shannon (Ferguson) Motisi in 2015.  Proud parents of Brooke Motisi, almost 2 years old.

Why you love coaching CrossFit:

My goal is to have each athlete have one take-away, every day, to improve their performance.  It’s my objective to identify that detail and express it in a way they can understand and execute.

What inspires you:

Individuals, of any experience level, doing what they thought improbable. 


Favorite Quote:

Do what’s hard, be the example – Andy Stumpf

If you ain’t first, you’re last. – Ricky Bobby

Favorite WOD:

Cindy / Helen – Can do almost anywhere with little equipment.  Simple yet effective.