Cori Eggert

My husband David Rhymers (who I met thanks to Crossfit), some awesome parents – Lynn and Jeffrey, an older bro, Jeffrey and a younger sister, Kati. All of which are my best friends!

Athletic Background:
I have been a competitive athlete since before I could walk! I played a lot of sports growing up but had a real passion for field hockey and swimming so continued them through college. I continue to play in a competitive field hockey league to this day and snowboard as much as possible with David.


What Inspires Me/Why I Coach:
I’m going into my tenth year as a high school math teacher and coach and my experience in the field has helped me better understand how people learn. I feel that I can help other athletes better develop, understand, and push their own bodies. I’m a big “cue” coach because that’s what has helped me with my own technique.

Life/Fitness Goals:
Staying healthy and happy! 

Favorite WOD:

Fran, but it hurts!: